Update: As I mentioned, new server sould have new bumps. In this case it was the drive getting full due to spammers. I've fixed this now and we should be good. Stay tuned!

Henry's HTTP Post Dumping Server

Here you will find a server which receives any POST you wish to give it and stores the contents for you to review.

Test your posts here

In developing client code for web services I've often found it necessary to explore post blobs coming from my app. Often times the server isn't available and this isn't an easy thing to do. Thus, I've put together a simple service which will dump the contents of an* HTTP POST to a file which can be viewed at leisure.

View your posts here

To view posts, browse to the year, month, day, and time of your upload (and directory name if you used the dir option):
http://posttestserver.com/data/ Obviously, this means all posts are visible to everybody so don't test a mobile banking app with your actual account info here.

How to use it

Just point your client to this service:
and fire away. By default it will return a 200 (see below for info on how to change this) with a URL pointing to the contents and a few lines describing the post.



Options are passed along with the post in the URL as GET parameters.


Need something? Did I do something wrong? Let me know what's on your mind: me(at)henrycipolla(dotcom)


* Thanks for the grammar lessons Sastopher, and Richard.